Our Mission

We aspire to offer the inspiration and knowledge on making the home a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly place for individuals and families.

What Green Home 101 Is About

At Green Home 101, we believe a home is more than a roof over your head. It’s the place where you get rested, restored, and nurtured physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And yet, too often, the modern home is the opposite of that. Many of us come home to find ourselves consumed by an endless amount of tedious and boring housework. There’s hardly any time and energy left for self care, self development, or for creating memories with our loved ones.

On the other extreme, we’re obsessed with equipping the home with electronic devices that are supposed to save time and bring comfort, at the expense of skyrocketing bills. And yet we later find our bodies in a persistent fight against noise, mold, electronic radiation, light pollution, and a plethora of health problems that we unconsciously brought home with the appliances.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Balance, harmony, and co-development among the home, the occupants, and the surrounding environment are, in many ways, achievable.

That’s the vision Green Home 101 was established upon. This blog is made, and will hopefully serve, as a go-to place for you when you’re in needs of ideas to make your home a place of health and comfort, at the lowest cost to you and to our larger home: the earth.

About The Founder: Luna Regina

Luna Regina has been an advocate for wholesome eating, healthy living, and balanced lifestyles for her entire life, as she believes those are the foundation for true, long-lasting happiness in life.

Luna currently runs a blog, Healthy Kitchen 101, where she shares her tasty and easy recipes and quick kitchen tips for busy home cooks. Healthy Home 101 is the platform she created to exchange ideas and knowledge about healthy living at a larger place than the kitchen: the entire living space.