AquaDance 3312 High Pressure Showerhead Review

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The nice balance between value and affordability that the AquaDance 3312 maintains is one of the reasons it is currently at the top of Amazon’s best-selling chart. Great high pressure performance, nice design, and an affordable price make it an attractive offer for a lot of customers. We’ll tell you all about it in this AquaDance 3312 High Pressure Showerhead review.

AquaDance 3312 High Pressure Showerhead Review: Performance

AquaDance 3312


  • Great-looking design
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Excellent high-pressure performance
  • Various spray settings
  • Well-designed water-saving mode
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Plastic construction

There are six different spay modes that you can tune to with the click-lever dial on the sprayer face. These are Power Rain, Power Mist, Massage, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist, and Water Saving Pause Mode. 

For the best pressure performance, the Power Rain and Power Mist settings are the modes to tune to. They compress the water jet and only let it spray out through the center nozzles, giving it a notable improvement in pressure. While the effect won’t be as dramatic as the two Power modes, the other spray modes can still give your shower a significant pick-up in pressure.


Although the overall design of the showerhead is fairly basic as far as handheld showerheads are concerned, what makes it truly shine in the aesthetic department is the wide range of finishes it has. The default finishing is a standard chrome finish, but you also have brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze if you want to glam up the showerhead.

Great Water Efficiency

The Water Saving Pause Mode is a notable feature on this showerhead. 

It can drastically slash water consumption while still giving the user a pleasant shower experience. Customers reported that the water pressure got a slight boost even in this mode. This capability has also attracted the attention of RV-ers and sailors. Since they often have to deal with a limited and weak water supply, this spray mode is whole-heartedly welcomed.


It is easy to install with a standard ½-inch NPT connection that can fit in the majority of household shower arms. No special tools are required in any step of the installation process, and you can set it up in about ten to fifteen minutes by following the instructions on the user’s manual.


After some time, deposits of minerals would build up inside the showerhead and block the flow. In the past, you would regularly have to resort to chemicals to dissolve them. As a modern showerhead, the Aquadance 3312 has silicone nozzles (also called “rub-free” nozzles) on its sprayer.— you only need to rub it with your fingers or a toothbrush, and they would be dislodged. This saves a considerable amount of time and effort in the process.


AquaDance has a comprehensive lifetime warranty policy over the showerhead. This covers for damages and guarantees you free replacement parts when you need them.

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