The Best Dual Shower heads In 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Best Dual Shower Heads 2021

Showering is an essential part of just about everyone’s day. There’s nothing that can give you a refreshing boost of energy in the morning or wind you down after a hard day at the office in the evening like a full, warm shower. That is why it’s so important to get a shower system that can make every second that you spend in the shower count. Our best dual showerheads can easily do that job for you.

What Is A Dual Showerhead?

A dual showerhead (or “combo showerhead” and “2-in-1 showerhead”) is different from your ordinary shower unit by having two separate shower faces instead of just one.

Each sprayer that the unit has is distinct from one another in terms of design. The overhead sprayer can be a full-coverage rain shower while the other is detachable and used as a handheld. This means that you can both have the total soaking showering experience with the rainfall while not giving up on the flexibility of a handheld, either. This ability has made it an attractive option on the market for a lot of consumers. As a result, it’s been given a place on our showerheads listing.

Using a water diverter valve, the two sprayers can be controlled individually. You can choose whichever sprayer you would like to shower with or even both at the same time if that’s more your thing. 

Spray settings in dual showerheads are also different from one sprayer face to another. This adds another degree of flexibility to a dual shower system. You can turn the overhead sprayer to the massage setting and the hand spray to power mode or any combination that suits your preference. That’s certainly not something a traditional shower design can offer.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dual Showerheads?

Flow Rate

Flow rate is an important factor to consider while buying any showerhead because it’s not just about performance; it’s also about the law.

Since 1992 in the U.S, most states have put a cap on the maximum flow rate that a household showerhead can have, that number being 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). But beware that in some states, the flow rate ceiling can be much lower due to state-specific water regulations.

Water conservation laws are not strictly enforced. People remove flow regulators meant to keep their showerhead legal all the time to get extra performance. Unless you get exceptionally bad performance because of the flow regulator in your shower system, we recommend that you keep it in to avoid future problems. 

Depending on where you live, make sure that you pick a shower system that meets up with your area’s water regulations. Here is a complete list of states with special flow rate limits. 

Spray Settings

Like we mentioned before, the flexibility in choosing different spray settings between the two showerheads is one of the most significant advantages of having a dual shower system. The best dual showerheads will typically have up to dozens of spray settings combined between the two sprayers. As a prime example, in the case of the Hydroluxe 1433, it’s got a total of 24 spray settings across the board.

Spray patterns are usually plentiful, too. The vast majority of the best dual showerheads we selected have all of the essential massaging, power-boosting, and water-saving patterns for you to use.

Diverter Valve

The diverter valve is a component that’s unique to a dual showerhead system. 

It acts as the “control point” for your entire shower. For example, if you want to use the overhead sprayer only, you can manipulate the diverter to re-route all of the water to the rainfall. Vice versa, you can switch the water to only using the handheld.

Dual showerheads will also typically give you the third option of using both sprayers at once. However, because the water flow is shared, there will be a noticeable pressure and flow rate drop if you do. 

For houses with weak water systems, this can make the shower entirely unusable, so we don’t recommend doing this unless you have good to exceptional water pressure.


Dual showerheads are a combination between fixed and handheld. 

Generally, there will be one overhead sprayer mounted at the top of the shower arm spraying down. A hand spray will be attached to one side of the arm on its docking and can be detached anytime for more convenient washing.

Because of the extra complexity in design, installation can be far longer and a bit more complicated when compared to traditional showerheads. But don’t be put off too much by this. Showerhead makers usually make sure to design their products so that they can be easily installed by someone without technical knowledge and specialized tools. 

Sprayer Face Diameter

The sprayer face diameter can have a surprising amount of influence over the quality of your shower. If you have a large diameter sprayer face like a rain shower, you can get greater coverage and, thus, a warmer, more fulfilling shower. 

On the other hand, with a small diameter sprayer face, you will get much higher power. The smaller sprayer face will concentrate the flow rather than dispersing it like its larger counterpart.

As a result, we highly recommend you consider finding a dual showerhead with at least one small diameter sprayer if you have weak pressure in your plumbing. For those who have stronger plumbings, we recommend that you pick a balanced shower system with one large-diameter sprayer for fulfillment and a smaller one for power.


The material that the shower system is made of can speak a lot about its durability and longevity. You will be given two material choices: either thermoplastic or metal.

Thermoplastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS) is affordable, relatively durable, and lightweight. However, because it is prone to be damaged, it typically doesn’t last as long as metal showerheads.

On the other side, you have metal. Although in terms of characteristics, metal is far more superior than thermoplastic by being much more robust and can withstand higher pressure and temperature. The drawbacks are that it is expensive and bulky.

In a dual showerhead design, ABS is much more preferred than metal due to its lightweight. Unlike in a traditional setup with only one sprayer, the shower arm of a dual showerhead must work harder to bear the load of an extra sprayer. ABS can lessen the workload of the shower arm, making the entire system more durable and last longer.


Most showerheads are usually sold with one default finish being a shiny chrome-plating. But some manufacturers offer optional finishes, which makes for an excellent opportunity to put your spin on your shower. 

Depending on your aesthetic taste and the theme of your bathroom, the most common extra finishing options are brushed or polished nickel, brass, nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

While the finishing protective potential isn’t as high as the very material that the showerheads are constructed out of, they do defend your shower from scratches and corrosion. Finishing can also wear out over time because of constant exposure to water. This is the reason why some manufacturers have a line in their warranty policies pledging to repair the finishing for you.

Top-rated Dual Showerheads Comparison

Here is a comparison table for all of the products to get you acquainted to them immediately:

NameSprayer Face DiameterSpray SettingsMaterialsFinishes
AquaDance 33287-inch fixed rainshower and 4-inch hand spray6-settingABSChrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Moen 82304SRN6½ -inch fixed rainshower and 2½-inch hand spray6-settingABSBrushed Nickel
Ana Bath SS5450CCP5-inch fixed overhead and 5-inch hand spray25-settingABSChrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Delta 584677-inch4-settingABSChrome, Stainless
Moen 26009SRN6½ -inch fixed rainshower and 2½-inch hand spray6-settingABSBrushed Nickel, Chrome

The Best Dual Showerheads in 2021 Reviews

Before we delve into our selections, here is a complete list of all of the products that will be featured in this article.

  1. AquaDance 3328 – Best to Buy 2021
  2. Moen 82304SRN Best Value Dual Showerhead
  3. Ana Bath SS5450CCP Best High-Pressure Dual Showerhead
  4. Delta 58467 – Best Delta Dual Showerhead
  5. Moen 26009SRN Best Moen Dual Showerhead

1. AquaDance 3328 – Best to Buy 2021

The greatest lure of this product is the values it offers for an affordable price. It has been attested by customers to be durable, high performing with great pressure and consistent flow rate, as well as easy to use. The dual showerhead design is the cherry on top that has propelled the 3328 to the top of Amazon’s best-selling chart.

AquaDance 3328 Premium Combo Shower Head Review


  • Minimalistic design
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Great performance
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Material better than ABS could’ve been used

The AquaDance 3328 is equipped with a large, 7-inch rainfall overhead sprayer that is fixed at the top of the shower arm. Thanks to its size, it can provide excellent coverage for when you seek a fuller, warmer shower and a soaking experience. 

Mounted directly next to the overhead sprayer and on its docking is a 4-inch hand spray that can give your shower an extra pressure boost for a more spa-like experience. The hand spray is connected to a 5 feet long metal hose and can afford you the flexibility and mobility you would expect to get in a good hand spray.

The entire shower system can be controlled via a three-way water diverter. By turning the diverter, you can directly control the water flow to reach whichever sprayer you want to use. Customers reported that the diverter is not too fiddly to use with not too big of a learning curve, so you will learn how to use it in no time.

Each showerhead has the same amount of spray settings, being six. This includes Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, and a Water Saving Pause mode. You can individually control the spray setting on each showerhead with the click-lever dial on their faces.

As expected, the 3328 is constructed from out of ABS. While a lot of people voiced their concerns about longevity, most are happy with their purchases, and some long-time users also reported that the shower could last for several years without any significant problems.

The design is modern and slightly minimalistic. In its default chrome-plating finish, the shower system may melt away in the overall space of your bathroom. However, AquaDance did offer some additional finishes to attract more attention to the shower. You can get a brushed nickel finish or a more luxurious (albeit more expensive) oil-rubbed bronze.

The showerheads are equipped with rub-clean silicone nozzles, which make maintenance a breeze. Over time, showerheads tend to be clogged up with hard mineral deposits that can reduce the water flow. In the past, you will have to soak the showerheads in chemicals to dissolve the deposits and free up the water flow. But with rub-clean nozzles, you can just rub the tips of your fingers or with a small toothbrush on the nozzles, and the clogs will come right out.

The installation has been made to be as easy as possible. However, setting up a dual showerhead system will have to take longer and be a bit more complicated than setting up a traditional showerhead. Regardless, you don’t need to know deep technical knowledge nor any special tools to install. It can take fifteen to twenty minutes to properly go through all of the steps in the user’s manual.

AquaDance offers a limited lifetime warranty on the entire product against manufacturing defects, replacement parts, among other things.

2. Moen 82304SRN – Best Value Dual Showerhead

While the Moen 82304SRN is most definitely on the far side of the pricing range, the dual showerhead system has proven that it deserves the price tag. Having a rather attractive design, several innovative features, as well as high performance, the 82304SRN can be an excellent investment to make for your shower space.

Moen 82304SRN Shower Head


  • Good-looking design
  • Wide range of spray settings
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Great customer support


  • Only three-year warranty

Equipped with a 6½ -inch rainshower showerhead and a 2½-inch hand spray mounted directly underneath. As a mixed-size design, the 82304SRN can provide simultaneously great coverage and extra water power when you need it. However, the two showerheads have yet to complete the whole package. Shipped in the box along with the basic shower system is also a 6¼-inch tub spout to fill your bath in the off chance you prefer it over taking a shower.

A design feature that is unique to the 82304SRN is the patented Magnetix tech. In traditional dual showerheads as well as atypical handheld showerheads, the hand spray is usually held in place with a plastic bracket. On the 82304SRN, a magnet is built into the back of the hand spray. On the shower arm, you will also find a magnetic receptor. All you need to do is to hold the hand spray near the receptor, and it will lock itself into place on its own.

Docking and undocking the hand spray from the shower arm are easier. Additionally, because the magnets clamp the hand spray firmly into place, the age-old problem of the hand spray fumbling on its dock and spraying water messily sideways is effectively solved.

In terms of performance, only the hand spray’s settings are adjustable. Equipped with six sprays, you can switch in-between them all freely with the click-lever dial on the sprayer face. The rainshower sprayer, however, only has one.

Moen has always been known as a company with visually appealing products, and fortunately, the 82304SRN is not an exception. The design, while relatively minimalistic, is modern and sleek. It can act as a beautiful bathroom’s decór.

The showerhead is constructed from ABS, even the critical components like the threads. As it is an expensive product, skepticism is to be expected for the choice in material. A brief inspection of customer responses allude to acceptable build quality and longevity, be assured.

At the moment this article is being written, this dual showerhead is only available in one finishing being brushed nickel. However, this is not precisely a limitation considering the way that the nickel finish accentuates the design and gives it a luxurious sheen.

In terms of maintenance, the finish has been engineered to be spot and fingerprint resistant, so you won’t have to trouble yourself with cleaning after the showerhead. Set up has also been reported to be relatively simple, with no requirement for specialized knowledge or tools.

Moen’s limited lifetime warranty policy covers the unit against build quality issues, defects, and also includes replacement parts.

3. Ana Bath SS5450CCP – Best High-Pressure Dual Showerhead

Though it can be considered as having a rather expensive price tag for a shower system, the impressive pressure-boosting performance of the Ana Bath SS5450CCP completely justifies the price. The beautiful design and focus on ergonomics and ease of use, along with the plentiful amount of spray settings providing an excellent mix of comfort and performance, had managed to convince consumers of its quality.

Ana Bath SS5450CCP Shower Head


  • Good-looking design
  • Wide range of spray settings
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Great customer support


  • Only three-year warranty

Both the fixed overhead sprayer and the hand spray are five inches in diameter so that they will provide an equal amount of coverage and pressure to one another. The only difference between them is mobility. The hand spray is connected to a 5 feet long stainless steel shower hose and can be detached to wash your body at whichever angle you prefer.

The most notable thing about this dual showerhead is that it has 25 different spray patterns on both sprayers. Adjustable through a click-lever dial, you can tune your shower system to a variety of massaging and power settings as you see fit.

The three-way water diverter is easy to use, and it is designed to be a bit longer and broader than the industry’s average. The greater size of the diverter ensures that the water flow to the hand spray won’t be blocked by the fixed sprayer, which can happen if you don’t fully close the diverter valve.

The Ana Bath SS5450CCP is constructed out of ABS. Testifying to the durability of the design, most customers came to a unanimous agreement that the ABS is quite sturdy and can last for years. The assortment of finishings that you can choose from makes it feel expensive in hand and visually appealing to boot. The default finish is chrome, but you can also opt for brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

The SS5450CCP features rub-clean nozzles for easier removal of mineral clogs. Maintenance, as a result, will be more straightforward and less frequent. It is easy to assemble, requiring no specialized knowledge nor any special tools. You can set everything up by yourself in about fifteen minutes.

The unit is covered by the company’s 3-year warranty program, including manufacturing defects and replacement parts. From what we have learned, the customer service team of the company has been lauded for the fast and thoughtful responses, so don’t be anxious to reach out to them when you run into problems with the product.

4. Delta 58467 – Best Delta Dual Showerhead

One of the best things about the 58467 must be the design. Delta took an interesting approach to design this showerhead. Instead of going for the cumbersome and elaborate design of having two separate showerheads, the Delta 58467 combines both of its showerheads into one robust design. Topping this with great performance, this shower system quickly rose to the top of selling charts.

Delta 58467 Shower Head


  • Beautiful design
  • High performing
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Available in only one finish

At first glance, it is very easy to mistake the 58467 as a mere handheld showerhead. However, it is a complete dual showerhead. 

Delta called the unique design “In2ition”. The wedge-shaped handheld portion can be detached from the rest of the unit with the push of the button, while the rest of the showerhead stays put to act as the fixed sprayer.

The advantage to this approach is, aside from its uniqueness from a design stand-point, gives the showerhead a considerably sleeker and more compact profile. The glossy chrome-plating (or stainless steel, depending on which finishing you opt for) did a commendable job at making the showerhead stand out.

The 58467 has a plastic construction, but it’s been reported by customers to be quite durable. The showerhead has been built well enough to be able to last for a good while, so don’t worry too much about its longevity.

It has four spray options in total, including a full-body spray, fast massaging spray, full-body spray with massage, and a pause mode for water-saving.

The drawback of this showerhead is maintenance, which can be relatively fiddly because it doesn’t have rub-clean, silicone nozzles for easier removal of mineral clogs. So you will have to do maintenance the old way with chemicals.

Installation is not too tough; all steps to assemble and set it up are illustrated inside of the user’s manual. Without specialized technical knowledge or tools, you can set it up for yourself in roughly twenty minutes.

Delta covers this dual showerhead with a limited lifetime warranty. The company’s customer support has been reported to be quite helpful, so just ring them up when you run into any sorts of problems, and they will sort it out for you.

5. Moen 26009SRN – Best Moen Dual Showerhead

As typical of Moen products, the Moen 26009SRN, from first glance, has an attractive design that can instantly draw attention. But good looks are only one part, the convenience of using it and the shower’s performance that has a great balance between power and comfort are the key reasons why it’s become so popular.

Moen 26009SRN Shower Head


  • Unique, good-looking design
  • High performing
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit difficult in maintenance

The fixed, overhead rainshower is 6½-inch in diameter, which can provide expansive coverage and warmth for a soaking shower. The 2½-inch hand spray is mounted underneath on a Magnetix bracket for more effortless docking and undocking. The hand spray will be attached more firmly to the bracket. You can trust it to not accidentally swivel in its bracket like in traditional shower brackets and splash water all over your bathroom.

The showerhead is made from ABS and has been testified by quite a lot of customers to be of high quality. Even though the vulnerable parts that are prone to being damaged like the threads are also cast out of ABS, most reported little problems and mentioned great longevity over the years. 

Two finishing options are available for you to choose, including a brushed nickel finish or a clean chrome-plating finish.

Performance-wise, there are six spray settings for you to customize your showering experience with. Both the fixed showerhead and the hand spray are equipped with the same number of spray settings. You can quickly adjust the spray setting of the one showerhead you’re in the mood to use with the click-lever dial on their face.

The full range of settings include downpour, rinse, wide-coverage, massage, relaxing massage, soothing massage, and a pause mode for saving water. 

For maintenance, the finish is spot and fingerprint resistant, so you don’t need to rinse and scrub it every once in a while. It doesn’t have rub-clean silicone nozzles, though, so you will have to manually remove the showerhead and soak it in chemicals to dissolve mineral clogs that could form after some time of use.

Set up is relatively simple and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools. Confer with your user’s manual for installation, which has all of the steps illustrated clearly for you. The whole thing can be done in fifteen to twenty minutes.

Moen has a limited lifetime warranty for the showerhead. If any parts in your shower broke or you found any quality defects, give them a call, and they will resolve it for you.

How to Properly Maintain Your Dual Showerhead System

Your dual showerhead will require deep cleaning from time to time. Even when it is equipped with features that can make maintenance easier such as rub-clean silicone nozzles or spot-resistant finishing, at least twice a year, you should consider cleansing your dual showerhead.

Maintenance can free your showerheads from hard minerals that could turn into clogs and obstruct the water flow. Worse, not doing frequent maintenance and harmful bacterial colonies might grow inside of the showerhead.

The best way to deep-clean your showerhead is with white vinegar.

White vinegar is easy to use, non-toxic, and is also easy on the showerhead’s material and finish. The vinegar can dissolve the mineral clogs, and its natural antimicrobial property will purge the showerhead of bacterias, too.

There are two ways you can clean your showerhead with white vinegar.

Tie A Plastic Bag Over Your Sprayers

Use two plastic bags and tie them over the two sprayers with a rubber band (In case of all-in-one design like the Delta 58467, you will need only one plastic bag.) After that, fill the bags with vinegar up until the bodies of the showerheads are completely submerged within the solution. Make sure that the vinegar isn’t leaking from the bags.

After that, let the solution soak into the showerheads for a couple of hours. When it’s time, remove the bags, rinse the showerheads with clean water, and put them back onto the shower arm.

Soak The Sprayers

Fill a bucket with one part warm water and one part white vinegar. After that, submerge your sprayers inside and let the solution soak for about three hours, but preferably, you should leave it overnight.

When the time’s right, fish the sprayers out of the solution. Use a small toothbrush to remove whatever debris or clogs from inside of the showerhead before you reinstall them back onto the shower arm.

This is the recommended way of doing maintenance and is more effective than the plastic bag method.


That concludes our buying guide and reviews for today! We sincerely hope that you have found the article to be useful and that some of the products we introduced might be the one dual showerhead you’ve been looking out for.

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