Best High Pressure Shower Heads 2021: Full Buying Guide & Reviews

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Best High Pressure Shower Heads 2021

It is not rare for a house to have a bad, under-powered water system. A weak showerhead is something that a lot of us have had to deal with. If this is what’s happening to you and you’re looking for a way out, getting the best high pressure showerhead is the solution. 

Unless you have very feeble pressure or no water at all, a high pressure showerhead is enough. It is not necessary to spend an enormous amount of money to have a great showering experience.

How High Pressure Showerheads Improve Low Pressure Water Systems

If you’re struggling with low water pressure in your bathroom, a showerhead for low water pressure like one of these pressure-boosting showerheads can be a quick fix for your problem. Such showerheads can significantly improve your shower’s pressure without changing the flow quantity coming from the house’s water system. As a result, no matter how under-powered your water system is, you will always have a nice shower experience.

There are two main types of pressure boosting designs: an adjustable pressure spray showerhead and a pressure chamber showerhead.

Adjustable Pressure Spray Showerheads

A pressure spray showerhead works by either condensing the water flow with a small diameter sprayer face or limiting the stream to a fewer number of nozzles.

These showerheads usually come with a wide range of different spray patterns. Such patterns are precisely calculated to give you an illusion of having a broader, full-body coverage and making you feel like a higher volume of water was being used. But in reality, the showerhead was consuming less, not more water.

Adjustable spray setting showerheads won’t just notably improve your water pressure. They will also give you a more customized, pleasurable shower experience while saving you a hefty amount on your water bill.

Pressure Chamber Showerheads

Some modern showerheads have a unique pressure chamber installed within. The chamber can inject air and pressure into the water flow, drastically increasing the water beam’s speed without having to sacrifice the shower’s coverage. Better yet, pressure chamber showerheads often have an adjustable pressure spray setting dial, too, and with a range of settings just as wide.

Generally, when compared to showerheads with an adjustable pressure spray design, showerheads equipped with pressure chambers are noticeably better at delivering high pressure flows. So, in other words, you’re almost always better off with this type of shower than the former.

The only problem is that these showerheads are not as popular as adjustable pressure spray showerheads and are much more difficult to find.

How to Pick the Best High Pressure Showerheads

Pressure Boosting Design

Like we mentioned, it is crucial that you know the design of the pressure boosting mechanism of the showerhead you’re planning to get. After all, the performance of your showerhead is ultimately decided by this component. 

Typically, you will be able to find this information on the product description page. The thing that you would want to look for is a special design like a pressure chamber, which will almost always beat adjustable pressure spray showerhead in terms of performance.

Flow Rate

Knowing the flow rate of your showerhead is essential, not just because it is a number that’s going to decide the performance that you can get out of the showerhead. It’s also a legal matter.

Across the U.S, the maximum ceiling for a showerhead’s performance is locked in at 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). In other words, the volume of water that your shower consumes in one minute should not exceed 2.5 gallons. 

In some particular states, the limit can even be lower for many reasons (lack of water resources, water conservation programs, etc.) New York and Colorado, for example, have enacted their water conservation laws to set the maximum GPM to only 2.0. California, meanwhile, has it at 1.8 GPM.

To see whether your state has a unique flow rate limit or not, take a look through this site.

Sprayer Face Diameter

The sprayer face diameter can decide how much pressure you will be able to juice out of the showerhead. Usually, the narrower the showerhead is, the higher its pressure is. If you are currently struggling with a very under-pressured water system, a showerhead with a small face diameter is going to be a sensible choice (5-inch or less.) Despite the limited spray area, the extra power that you can get out of the showerhead will be worth the tradeoff.

However, if your shower has adequate pressure and you’re only looking to make it stronger, a showerhead with a larger face (5-inch and up) will do the job just fine.

Spray Settings

Aside from the pressure and flow rate, the spray settings that your showerhead has will be another important factor affecting your shower experience.

For those with muscle and joint problems or those seeking a gentle, stress-relieving massage after a hard day at work, focus on showerheads that offer massaging settings. These settings concentrate and build up as much pressure as possible into a single high-powered water jet 

If you are looking to replicate a spa-like sensation, showerheads will also often have full-body settings. These modes widen the coverage area for a fuller, more thorough shower. 


In terms of design, you have three options, which are a fixed showerhead or a handheld showerhead. 

A fixed shower is attached permanently to your shower’s wall and cannot be moved from its place. However, you can still adjust the position of the showerhead for a fair bit to get the best possible angle. Though its immobility can be annoying to some people, a fixed shower is considerably more economical and less troublesome to install.

Meanwhile, a handheld showerhead is connected to a long, flexible water hose. You only need to unhook it from its dock, and you are entirely free to wash wherever you want on your body at whatever angle you like best. The greater flexibility that handhelds offer has made them the most popular shower type among buyers, according to a survey.

The third type is rain showers. Though they are also fixed onto the shower’s wall like a fixed showerhead, rain showers are mounted higher and will require a plumber to install them. Unfortunately, this means that they tend to cost more. Still, in return, you will have an extensive coverage area from the broad shower face that a rain shower has. 

To give you a better idea of how impressive the sprayer face of a rain shower can be, the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 has a sprayer face that is 10-inch in diameter.

Such a broad shower face cascading water down onto your body from above is a distinctively therapeutic experience. Not to mention the expansive coverage that the showerhead can give will make for a fuller and warmer shower, too.


Solid metal is usually the preferred material in showerhead construction. It can deal with high pressure and high temperature a lot better than plastic, as well as being more robust and more durable. 

However, the downsides are that it is expensive and cumbersome. The extra weight that a metal construction can add to a showerhead is the reason why you should try to avoid buying handhelds made out of metal. The heavier weight tiring out your arm is one thing, but when you accidentally drop it, it could damage the floor, the bathtub, or even injure you. But for a fixed or a rain shower, since you don’t have to hold them, a metal construction is preferred for its superior properties over plastic.

On the other hand, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) thermoplastic is cheaper, lighter, and it can handle reasonably well high pressure and temperature. Because it is cheaper to make a showerhead out of plastic, ABS showerheads are considerably more popular than metal. Despite that, it is not as durable as metal and can be easily damaged (bent or cracked.)


Finishes are purely aesthetics, so it is up to you to decide which one fits best with your sense of style as well as your bathroom design and theme. Most showerhead makers will offer a variety of finishing options like chrome, brushed or polished nickel, copper, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or ordinary white paint coating.

If you are looking for a showerhead that can look good even years into the future, check out the manufacturer’s warranty policies. Some makers do extend their warranties to cover finishing damages.

Best High Pressure Shower Head 2021 Reviews

Before we begin, here is a complete list of all of the products appearing on the list today:

  1. WASSA 3-inch – Best to Buy Showerhead
  2. AquaDance 3312 – Best High Pressure Showerhead with Hose
  3. Delta 75700 – Best Delta High Pressure Showerhead
  4. Moen 26100 SRN – Best Moen High Pressure Showerhead
  5. Oxygenics 26781 – Best Super High Pressure Showerhead
NamePressure Boosting DesignSprayer Face DiameterMaterial
WASSA 3-inchAdjustable Spray Setting3.0”ABS
AquaDance 3312Adjustable Spray Setting3.5”ABS
Delta 75700Adjustable Spray Setting3.3”ABS
Moen 26100SRNAdjustable Spray Setting3.5”ABS
Oxygenics 26781Pressure Chamber1-½“ABS

1. WASSA 3-inch High Pressure Showerhead – Best to Buy Showerhead

The WASSA 3-inch has a modern and sleek look to it on the aesthetic front, coupling with great performance for the price tag, this showerhead has attracted a lot of attention from consumers. The fact that it is easy to install and affordable only serves to sweeten the deal on this showerhead.

WASSA WS1201 Shower Head


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Great high pressure performance
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty policies


  • Flimsy ABS construction
  • Only one default spray setting

The WASSA showerhead uses a pressure spray design to boost the water pressure. The sprayer face is only 3 inches in diameter and can effectively condense the inflow water to become exceptionally strong. Customers reported the pressure difference between this showerhead and others being “day and night.”

The maximum flow rate of the shower is standard at 2.5 GPM. Although coverage is not so great owing to the small sprayer face, many consider it a fair trade for more substantial water pressure.

The WASSA showerhead is constructed from ABS plastic. While this serves to keep it affordable, as previously mentioned, it won’t be very durable. There are two finishing options: Standard silver (chrome-plating) or oil-rubbed bronze. The oil-rubbed bronze finish certainly looks and feels better than the default silver finishing, but you will have to pay twice the price of the silver version to get it.

There is only one spray setting on this showerhead, and there is no option to adjust it. Nonetheless, the one spray that this showerhead has, it manages to do very well. 

Installation can be done without specialized technical knowledge. The thread design is a standard G1/2-inch, which should fit on all conventional shower arms, so there are no special tools required, either. Just about anyone can set up this showerhead in a matter of minutes by following the instructions in the user’s manual.

In terms of maintenance, the WASSA features silicone nozzles. This makes it easy to remove the mineral build-ups that can negatively affect your showerhead’s performance. You only need to rub on the nozzles with your fingers or a toothbrush, and the clogs would come right out. 

Regardless, the nozzles only make it easier for you to do day-to-day cleaning. It is still necessary to do general maintenance of the showerhead every once in a while to eliminate all the other threats, like bacterias. The full details on how to do this is down at the bottom of the article.

The showerhead is covered with a lifetime warranty for faulty parts.

2. AquaDance 3312 – Best High Pressure Shower Head with Hose

The AquaDance 3312 is currently the best-selling showerhead on Amazon’s chart at the moment. With an elegant look and feel to it along with great high pressure performance, this shower was well-received by a lot of consumers.

AquaDance 3312


  • Affordable
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Wide range of finishings
  • Great high pressure performance
  • Six water spray settings
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty policies


  • Easily-damaged ABS construction

Since it is an adjustable pressure spray setting design, you can flexibly change in-between the six water spray settings available. These include Power Rain, Power Mist, Massage, Rain/Massage, Rain/Mist, and Water Saving Pause Mode. 

The spray settings that will interest you the most are going to be Power Rain and Power Mist. Out of all of the spray settings on the click-lever dial, these will give you the most substantial boost in water pressure by constricting the water flow to the center nozzles. 

Nonetheless, switching to any other mode on the wheel and the pressure still has a noticeable improvement. The Water Saving Pause-Mode, for example. 

Being the “crown jewel” spray setting of the 3312, it can provide a respectable pressure level while cutting down water usage. Most customers reported that they still got a great showering experience while using this mode and no reduction in comfort at all. RV-ers, who regularly have to deal with a limited and erratic water supply, particularly love this mode.

The user’s manual contains all of the steps to install the shower and everything can be done in about ten to fifteen minutes. No special tools are required. The showerhead was designed to fit with a standard metal shower arm (½-inch NPT connection,) simplifying installation even further. 

The AquaDance 3312 showerhead features silicone rub-clean jets to make it easier for you to maintain it. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty to cover for manufacturing defects, free repairs for any damages during usage, and free replacement parts.

3. Delta 75700 – Best Delta High Pressure Shower Head

Although this showerhead doesn’t have the most flattering aesthetic design, its performance is the reason why it has a place in consumers’ hearts. It is as practical as a showerhead could be. If you’re on the look for nothing else but functionality, this is the showerhead to get.

Delta Faucet 75700 Shower Head


  • Affordable
  • Great high pressure performance
  • Seven spray modes
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty policies


  • Mediocre design
  • Flimsy ABS construction

The Delta 75700 is an adjustable spray setting design, so you can select seven spray modes available from the click-dial, which includes: Full Body Spray, Wide Full Body Spray, Massaging Spray, Full Body Spray With Massage, Drenching Spray, Energy Saving Spray, and Pause. For a showerhead with such a cheap price tag, such a comprehensive range of spray settings is surprising. This is one of the biggest reasons why the 75700 is a favored model among a lot of people.

For the highest pressure performance, switch to massaging settings like Massaging Spray.

The sprayer face is about 3.3-inch, so while you will net better high pressure performance, coverage can be disappointing.

The 75700 is made out of ABS thermoplastic, which isn’t the best material where durability is concerned. But since this is a handheld and being lightweight is an important criterion, it is an acceptable trade-off. The showerhead is chrome-coated, which gives it a fairly nice looking sleek shine.

Like the two showerheads before, the installation process is simple. The manual has illustrated instructions on how to install it, so you can do everything by yourself, even if you don’t have technical expertise. The 75700 also has silicone, rub-free nozzles in a bid to enhance its maintainability.

Delta Faucet has a limited lifetime warranty on this showerhead. When the plastic components in the showerhead break down, you can always get free repairs and replacement parts from the company.

All in all, the Delta 75700 distinguishes itself from the rest of the company’s offerings by being a strong performer with great ergonomics and affordability. While the design still has room for improvements, the quality it adds to the shower experience makes up for this shortfall.

4. Moen 26100SRN – Best Moen High Pressure Shower Head

In direct contrast with Delta’s approach to showerhead design, Moen and its current best-selling showerhead— the Moen 26100SRN— tries to maintain a delicate balance between beautiful look and top performance. While the design formula is tough to pull successfully, it seems like Moen has hit the right spot on this showerhead.

Moen 26100SRN Shower Head


  • Luxurious design
  • Great high pressure performance
  • Six spray settings
  • Magnetic docking
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty policies


  • Fairly expensive
  • Flimsy ABS construction
  • Product naming is confusing

The foremost thing that drives customers into getting this showerhead, according to past customers’ reviews, is the modern, sleek, and eye-pleasing design. Though it doesn’t have many finishing options compared to other showerheads, the chrome-plating or brushed nickel finish seem more than enough to beautify the exceptional design. 

Yet another adjustable pressure spray showerhead, the click-lever dial has six notches for six different spray settings for you to switch back and forth freely. There is a Wide Coverage mode, Downpour, and four different massaging settings for stress alleviation. With a 3.5-inch sprayer face, it works just as well as any other high pressure showerheads in improving the water flow’s pressure.

The magnetic docking base of this showerhead is an exciting feature. It doesn’t slide into the dock like other handhelds. Instead, the 26100SRN one attaches to its docking via a magnetic connector at the back. This makes it considerably easier to undock it. Furthermore, the magnet ensures that the shower will always be facing forward. This prevents accidental spills to either side of the shower, which was an age-old problem for traditional showerheads.

The 26100SRN has an ABS plastic construction, as typical of handhelds. Longevity is probably not one of its strengths, but it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can always get technical help and replacement parts from the company.

The Magnetix series has a lot of similarly-looking products with somewhat confusing names. For example, the Moen 26100EP looks precisely the same but with lower pressure and flow rate to conserve water. Make sure to follow our link to the product’s page so that there wouldn’t be any mistakes.

5. Oxygenics 26781 – Best Super High Pressure Shower Head

The Oxygenics 26781 is the showerhead if you need nothing else but maximum water pressure. Although it doesn’t have the sleek, luxurious, and modern look of the Moen’s showerhead or the coverage of other showerheads, the 26781 makes it up to its users with its powerful pressure output. 

Oxygenics White Standard 26781 Hand


  • Remarkable high pressure performance
  • Pressure chamber design
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty policies


  • Simple, mediocre design
  • Only one default spray setting

Designed to work on RVs with a limited water tank size and low pipe pressure, it has a small-diameter sprayer face that is only 1-½ inch in diameter as well as the “Oxygenics” setting. In this setting, the showerhead can inject air from the environment into the water through a pressure chamber to speed up the flow rate. As a result, water consumption can be drastically slashed while the water flow receives a remarkable improvement in strength. For this reason, the showerhead has made a lot of consumers, the majority of them RV-ers, both surprised and happy.

Even though it’s meant to be a showerhead for RVs, nothing is preventing you from installing it in your home if you want to have the best pressure possible. 

Granted, it doesn’t look very appealing to the eyes with its bland white plastic construction. Fortunately, there is a brushed nickel version to add some glam to the design.

It doesn’t require extensive maintenance, even without rub-clean silicone nozzles. The shower head has non-stick internal components that prevent mineral deposits from building even when hard water flows through it day after day.

It features a limited lifetime warranty policy against clogging and “performance failures.”

How to Properly Clean Your Shower Head

Showerheads nowadays can be more easily cleaned than ever with features like rub-free nozzles. Nonetheless, general maintenance is still a necessary task to do every once in a while to ensure that the health of your showerhead and also your health is always as safe as can be. After all, rub-free nozzles only aid you in removing mineral deposits. Mildew and biofilms containing dangerous strains of bacteria are threats that you should be worried about. Fortunately, these can only be resolved by deep cleaning, done in a few simple steps.

A plastic bag and white vinegar are the items you need to prepare for cleaning. White vinegar is the favored substance to clean showerheads because it can dissolve minerals, and it’s also got antibacterial properties.

Fill the plastic bag halfway through with white vinegar, pour it in a way that when you finally put your showerhead inside the bag, the vinegar won’t spill out of the bag. 

Then, with some strings, tapes, or rubber bands, tie the bag over your showerhead until it is entirely submerged inside the vinegar solution. Make sure that the bag is secured over the showerhead and won’t slip off.

Allow the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for a couple of hours, preferably overnight, if you have plastic showerheads. But if your shower has special finishings such as nickel, brass, or gold, make sure that the showerhead is only soaked for about 30 minutes. Any longer and the vinegar can damage the finishing.

After that, untie the bag, pour all of the vinegar from out of the showerhead. Rinse it thoroughly under hot water for a couple of minutes. This is done not just to flush out the vinegar but also to clear out any hard mineral deposits still stuck inside.

Use a soft toothbrush to clean up and rinse until it is spotless. With a soft cloth, polish your showerhead until it looks as good as new.


That concludes our buying guide and reviews for today. We hope that this article has been of help in aiding you with making a purchase decision for a brand new high pressure showerhead.

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