Best Vacuums for Carpets in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Best Vacuums for Carpets 2020

If your house has a lot of carpeting to go through, having the best vacuums for carpets will help immensely in your daily cleaning chore. In our article today, we’ll tell you all about how to pick a vacuum that can do exactly that. In our reviews, we have several best rated vacuums for carpets lined up for your consideration.

Carpeting is the touchstone of a good vacuum cleaner. The dense piling of a high-pile carpet can push the performance of a vacuum cleaner to the very extreme. The brush roller has to work harder to penetrate the piling and the motor has to be amped up to suck out all of the ground-in dirt and debris.

What to Look Out for in the Best Vacuums for Carpets


Picking a vacuum design that suits your physique, preferences, and budget is the first and most important thing you have to do while picking a new vacuum. Nowadays, most of the top-rated carpet vacuums are available in three formats: upright, stick, or robotic.

Upright Vacuums

Uprights are the most powerful vacuums you can buy on the market.

Because weight and size aren’t vital design characteristics of uprights, manufacturers have no qualms with going all-out on performance boosting measures. Uprights have the heaviest duty suction motors, sizable cyclonic arrays, and incredibly strong brush rollers. If you prefer excellent performance above all else, uprights may be a good choice for you.

The downside is that they are infamous for being heavy, bulky, and inflexible. For people who prefer maneuverability, flexibility, and a light weight (especially those with medical conditions such as arthritis that make using heavy vacuums a huge no-no), uprights won’t do.

Upright Vacuums For Carpet

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums trade in performance for a lighter weight and maneuverability. They tend to have a sleeker, more compact build and weigh a fraction of the average upright. 

Most stick vacuums nowadays can convert from the stick vacuum form (with a long suction wand) to a handheld vacuum unit. This ability makes them much more flexible and versatile than uprights. 

The stick vacuum mode can be used for floor cleaning. While the handheld mode makes cleaning countertops and inside cramped spaces such as the car much easier.

Of course, the downside is that they lack the raw cleaning power that uprights have. But it’s important to note that stick vacuums have been improving by leaps and bounds for the past couple of years. Their performance— although not nearly as great— will do an adequate job at carpet cleaning.

Stick Vacuums For Carpet

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are considered the future of house cleaning.

These robotic vacuums don’t need manual inputs from you to clean. Instead, the robot has navigation sensors that allow it to make its way through the house, picking up all the dust, dirt, and debris on the way. 

Robot vacuums are also stocked with smart features like scheduling. Set a specific time through the remote control or mobile app (depending on the model) and at that exact time, your robot will start sweeping the house by itself even if you’re not home. 

You can also tell them which spaces in the house they’re not allowed to enter by setting up no-go zones. These could be rooms with a lot of furniture or tricky corners they could get stuck in.

Robot Vacuums For Carpet

The cons are that robot vacuums can be quite expensive. They also tend to be underpowered in comparison to manual vacuum cleaners. In fact, most robot vacuum manufacturers still recommend you have a traditional vacuum on hand and sweep through the house with it once in a while to pick up all of the scraps. 

While robot vacuums can handle daily cleaning fairly well, they haven’t reached the point where they can handle 100% of your cleaning work yet.


Every modern vacuum comes pre-equipped with a filtration system. Its job is to eliminate all of the harmful particles such as microscopic dust, pollen, and airborne bacteria from the air stream coursing through the vacuum. It will freshen up your house’s atmosphere and make the indoor environment healthier.

The most effective filtration standard is the High-Efficiency Air Particulate (HEPA) filter. It is effective against 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Research has also indicated that HEPA filters can be used to deal with viruses in the environment like COVID-19.


Accessories decide a good portion of  a vacuum’s effectiveness on carpeting. Look out for vacuums with tools like a motorized brush roll, which will allow your vacuum to scrub carpet piling better. 


For a carpet vacuum, great cleaning performance on carpeting is an obvious must-have. However, the problem is that it is very difficult to tell how well a vacuum performs without hands-on testing. 

Despite the numerous metrics manufacturers use to describe their products, such as Airwatts and Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), they tend to be unreliable. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers even opt to not list them in their product descriptions since they are poor reflections of the vacuum’s true capability.

What you can do to have an inkling of a vacuum’s carpet performance is to look at the reviews of past customers. They are the ones who have had first-hand experience with the vacuum and what they have to say will shed light on its performance.

Best Vacuums for Carpets in 2021 Reviews

The following are all of the top carpet cleaning vacuums we will feature in our reviews:

  1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive – Best to Buy Vacuum for Carpet
  2. Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV332 – Best Value Vacuum for Carpet
  3. Roborock S5 – Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet
  4. Shark Navigator ZU62 – Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Carpet
  5. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal –Best Vacuum for Thick Carpet
  6. BISSELL CleanView 2254 – Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet
NameCord Length/Battery LifeFiltration TypeDust Cup Capacity
Dyson V11 Torque Drive~60 mins per battery chargeHEPA0.76L (0.69 dry qt.)
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV33225 ft. power cordNon-HEPA dual-layer filtration0.75L (0.69 dry qt.)
Roborock S5~100 – 150 mins per battery chargeE110.48L (0.4 dry qt.) dry dust cup and 0.29L (0.07 gal.) mopping water reservoir
Shark Navigator ZU6225 ft. power cordHEPA/Anti-Allergen Complete Seal3L (2.8 dry qt.)
Cyclone V10 Animal~60 mins per battery chargeHEPA0.76L (0.69 dry qt.)
BISSELL CleanView 225427 ft. power cordNon-HEPA multi-level filtration1L (0.91 dry qt.)

1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive – Best to Buy Vacuum for Carpet

Dyson V11 Torque Drive


  • Versatile and compact
  • Excellent multi-floor performance
  • Smart features
  • Long battery life
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Bad trigger design
  • Small dust cup
  • Non-swappable battery

The V11 Torque Drive shows Dyson continue to take a more innovative approach to design, culminating in the highly innovative LCD screen mounted on the back-end of the vacuum. The overall design— meant to be as convenient and easy to use as possible— makes vacuuming easy and takes the challenge out of this dull and arduous task.

Bundle it up with smart cleaning sensors, a new suction motor, a longer-lasting Li-ion battery, along with a wide variety of accessories and you have a remarkable carpet vacuum.


The V11 Torque Drive performs excellently on all floor types from hard floors all the way to high-pile carpets and rugs. The high performance is the result of the powerful suction of the Digital Motor working in tandem with the two-tier radial cyclone system. In addition, the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) significantly optimizes the brush’s scrubbing action for carpeting work.

Dyson’s Digital Motor is a new switched reluctance motor that, according to the company, is 40 times more efficient than older motors.

Performance is also bolstered by the two-tier radial cyclone, which enhances further suction strength.

The Digital Motor and the radial cyclone working together is how the V11 achieves the suction and dust pick-up ability it is loved for. Though you will see the effect of the suction best on hard floors, you can pitch the V11 against dust and debris on low-pile carpets and rugs. Its suction can effortlessly pick them clean even without the aid of the brush roll.

Medium-pile and high-pile carpets are where the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) will come in. The sensor automatically reads and analyzes the resistance of the carpet piling against the brush roller. It will use this data to adjust the brush roller’s strength. The result: more optimized and efficient brushing action on carpeting. In addition, your vacuum will also be able to conserve a huge amount of battery power.

The V11 comes with three cleaning modes:

  • Eco Mode: better battery efficiency, but lowest cleaning performance.
  • Auto: the default cleaning mode that has a nice balance between power efficiency and performance. The internal computer takes over the control of the brush strength and suction in this mode. 
  • Boost Mode: provides the highest cleaning power at the expense of battery efficiency and run-time.
Dyson V11 Torque Drive Performance


The Dyson V11 is fairly lightweight at 6.68 pounds (3 kilograms.) If you’re sensitive about poundage (wrist injuries or health conditions that make wielding a heavy vacuum uncomfortable, for example), this vacuum will be a decent and safe choice.

The vacuum is highly maneuverable with 90-degree swivel steering. With it, you can reach deep into nooks and crannies around the house to draw out all of the built-up dirt and debris there.

The most remarkable detail of the V11’s design is the circular LCD screen mounted on the back-end of the vacuum. The screen displays the remaining battery charge and current cleaning mode, and even shows troubleshooting videos. 

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Design

As a convertible stick vacuum, you can reduce the V11 from its full stick form to a more compact handheld unit simply by removing the long suction wand. The whole operation shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Built within the ergonomic handle (reviewed by many as comfortable to hold due to it being well-balanced) is the power trigger— which is also the biggest point of debate among consumers. 

The V11 requires the trigger to be clamped down at all times for the motor to work. Although this design will result in better energy efficiency, it can be bothersome and painful for some people to use. Those with arthritis, for example. Holding the heavy vacuum and having to constantly put pressure on the trigger can quickly create pain and fatigue.

Fortunately, third-parties online sell add-on trigger locks you can add to your V11. This simple plastic tab will hold down the trigger, allowing you to take your fingers off of it. Consider making this extra investment if you wish to have an effortless user experience.

Battery Life

Just like any other premium vacuum cleaners, the V11 Torque Drive is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Each full charge will net you about 60 minutes of cleaning time on Auto Mode.

The battery is fully replaceable. When the cells finally wear out several years down the line, you can remove the old battery with a screwdriver and switch in a new one. 

What you can’t do (at least with this version,) however, is hot-swap the battery. 

Many modern vacuums offer the ability to “hot-swap”, which involves rapidly replacing a drained battery with another fully-charged cell. Hot-swapping allows you to boost your cleaning time with extra battery packs (the more batteries you have, the longer you can clean.) It also grants you relief from having to wait for an excruciating amount of time for the vacuum to recharge itself once it runs out of juice.

If this capability sounds awesome to you and you still want to have the V11’s design and performance, we have good news: the Outsize version has exactly that.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The V11 Torque Drive’s dust cup can hold 0.76 liters (0.69 dry quarts.) That’s quite cramped even for a stick vacuum and is one of the rare let-downs in this vacuum.

The dust cup has an interesting design. Called an “in-line arrangement”, the cup forms a vertical line with the suction wand, the suction motor, and the cyclonic array.

The advantage to this design is that it preserves the kinetic energy and smoothness of the suction flow. There are two key disadvantages though: it makes the V11’s body longer and it makes accessing the dust cup when it’s time to empty it a bit trickier. You have to remove the entire suction wand in order to uncover the dust cup.

But once that’s done, luckily, the entire emptying process becomes simple and hygienic. All you have to do is point the dust cup downwards into a trash can and press the dirt ejecting button to the side of the cup. Everything inside will be shoved out in short order. Never once will you have to make direct contact with the dirty contents.

The V11 has a HEPA filter which Dyson advertises to last all throughout the vacuum’s lifespan. There will be no need for expensive replacements as long as you maintain and treat it well. According to the manual, a wash with cold water once a month and a 24-hour air dry period will do the trick.


You get six different tools and attachments with the V11 Torque Drive.

Mini Motorized Brush RollSmall motorized brush roll for more effective cleaning of ground-in dirt in tight, cramped spaces
Torque Drive Cleaning HeadMotorized brush roll integrated with a Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) for better carpet performance
Combination ToolA 2-in-1 tool consisting of a dusting brush and a wide suction nozzle
Crevice ToolProvides the extra reach needed to clean out narrow gaps, nooks and crannies
Mini Dusting BrushHas a tapered shape and pliable bristles for gentler cleaning action. Ideal for delicate surfaces such as upholstery or keyboard
Stubborn Dirt BrushHas stiff nylon bristles to dislodge stubborn dirt


The V11 Torque Drive has a 90-day return period and a 2-year limited warranty.

2. Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV332 – Best Value Vacuum for Carpet

Shark HV332


  • Affordable
  • Excellent multi-floor performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Convertible design
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Bad weight balancing
  • Non-HEPA filtration

Although it is marketed as an upright vacuum, the Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV332 differs from the rest of its brethren by having a nice balance between compactness and performance. Rather than being a dozen-pound hulk, the HV332 weighs 9 pounds (4 kilograms) while maintaining great enough cleaning power to handle high-pile carpeting with relative ease.


Overall, the HV332 has excellent multi-floor performance. The vacuum has great suction and the power driving the brush roll isn’t too shabby, either.

On hard floors, it can sweep clean surface dust and debris as well as sucking out all of the ground-in dirt stuck between the floorboards. On thick carpeting and rug, the motorized brush will trawl through the dense piling to make it easier for the suction to work its magic. Though some have worried that the brush roll would snag on thick carpet or rug piling, most customers have attested to its fuss-free operation.

The HV332 comes with two cleaning modes you can switch back and forth from depending on the floor type. 

You have a bare floor/area rug mode with gentler suction and brush power. In this mode, performance is high enough to be able to deal with area rug but also not too forceful that it would damage the surface of your delicate flooring. And then you have the high-pile carpeting mode, which will juice every ounce of power out of the motor and the brush roll to deep clean your dense carpeting.


The HV332 has borrowed a lot of key design features from stick vacuums despite being marketed as an “ultra-light upright”. It weighs about 9 pounds (4 kilograms), which is remarkable for an upright (but about average for a stick vacuum.)

Shark HV332 Design

It also has the handheld convertibility of stick vacuums. Just remove the extended suction wand and you have a smaller handheld unit ready to go.

Unfortunately, the design, which is meant to reduce fatigue when used for long periods, has bad balancing. The majority of the weight is concentrated at the top of the vacuum rather than the base. As a result, when the user holds it aloft by the handle, a good portion of the poundage weighs down on the arm and that quickens fatigue rather than reducing it.

HV332 draws power from the house using a 25-foot power cord. For the majority of households, this is enough.

The vacuum has swivel steering for easy maneuvering. At the front of the cleaning head is a pair of LED headlights to make cleaning in the dark or low-light environments (underneath furniture, for example) less challenging.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The dust cup can hold up to about 0.75 liters (0.69 dry quarts) worth of dirt. For an upright, the cup is considered undersized. But since the vacuum is meant to be compact and lightweight, this isn’t a deal-breaker.

The vacuum uses a dual-layer filtration system, which includes a foam filter and a felt filter. But unless your house has people who require a clean atmosphere such as allergy sufferers, the HV332’s filtration will be enough to maintain air safety.


The vacuum only comes with two tools, unfortunately.

TruePet Multi-toolA motorized brush made for scooping up pet hair on a variety of surfaces
Duster Crevice ToolA hybrid between a crevice tool and a dusting brush to give you both reach and dusting capability


This Shark comes standard with a 1-year limited warranty from out of the box. However, if you register your newly-purchased vacuum with Shark, you can get a free 4-year extension to make a total of 5 years worth of warranty.

3. Roborock S5 – Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

Roborock S5


  • Relatively affordable
  • Powerful performance overall
  • Advanced navigation
  • Multiple cleaning modes/options
  • Mop function
  • Long battery life (110 minutes)
  • Virtual assistant-compatible
  • Long warranty


  • Can’t clean multiple levels
  • Small dust cup
  • Non-HEPA filtration

The Roborock S5 is one of the best house-cleaning robots you can buy for a decent price (Roborock gave it a price cut when the S6 came out.) 

The S5 is armed with virtually every single one of the S6’s most excellent technologies. The only thing the S5 misses out on is support for multi-level cleaning. It can only map and clean out one floor in the house, thus, it may not be ideal for multi-level homeowners. Otherwise, it has the LiDAR sensor for advanced navigation, support for voice assistants, smartphone compatibility, and more. Of course, it also comes with the great cleaning performance Roborock products are known for. 

Roborock S5 Performance


Roborock did a fine job at engineering the S5 for maximum cleaning performance. The compact body of the robot houses a surprisingly capable suction motor that has more than enough energy to wick away dust, dirt, and small debris on hard floors. The robot’s brushes also handle thick carpets and rugs excellently. 

Some customers have also reported that the S5’s suction is high enough to “eat” an entire triple-A battery. When combined with the elaborate array of brushes on the underside of the robot, the S5 can scrub thick carpets and rugs squeaky clean.

Four cleaning modes are available for the user to fine-tune the robot’s performance.

  • Quiet Mode: reduced performance, but also less noise and greater power efficiency. Ideal for early morning or late-night cleaning sessions.
  • Balanced Mode: the default cleaning mode. It provides the best balance between energy efficiency, noise, and cleaning performance.
  • Turbo Mode: provides medium-high cleaning power. Great for using against medium-pile carpeting.
  • Max Mode: maximum power for especially tough cleaning projects like high-pile carpeting and pet hair.

The Roborock S5 also has a mopping function. You can attach the add-on water reservoir and mopping pad to the underside of the robot and it will clean up your floor for you. Keep in mind, however, that this is not meant to entirely replace hands-and-knees mopping.


The Roborock S5 has the popular disc-shaped design of robot vacuums. The circular shape allows the robot to turn on a dime (turning 360 degrees while staying still in place.) It makes it easier for the robot to navigate through challenging spaces such as between dinner chair legs and underneath furniture. The S5 measures 3.8 inches tall, which is enough to squeeze underneath most furniture without getting stuck.

Underneath the robot, you will find the brush array, which includes a side-sweeping brush and the main roller brush. The side-sweeping brush scrubs out all of the dirt and dust caked onto the side walls in your home. The roller brush’s job is to comb through carpet piling and dig out all of the debris lodged within.

On the top side of the robot, you will find a protruding section called the “turret.” It is here that the heart of the Roborock S5’s navigation capability lies: the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor. This sensor uses an invisible laser to map out the surrounding environment and record it into the robot’s memory. The S5 will use this “memory map” to navigate its surroundings. You can view the map the robot drew up through the downloadable smartphone app. 

The S5 can only create one map of one level in the house. Unlike the S6, it cannot create multiple maps.

The app will show you the location of the robot in real-time. You can also set up no-go lines by drawing directly onto the map with the marker tool. Once drawn, the robot will not traverse through the border line you marked. You can bar the robot from entering rooms that it could be stuck in like the kitchen.

The Roborock S5 has many other sensors to aid it in its navigation, such as anti-drop sensors. These sensors will immediately stop the robot when it detects a fall or ledge to prevent it from damaging itself. It also has anti-collision sensors to prevent it from ramming the wall or furniture and accidentally injuring itself or causing damage to your home.

The robot also comes with magnetic sensors to detect magnetic strips. You can use magnetic strips to set up physical no-go lines if you don’t want to use the app.

Battery Life

The internal Li-ion battery can supply power to the robot from anywhere between 100 to 150 minutes depending on the cleaning mode. 

It has recharge-and-resume functionality, which basically means it returns to the charging station to rest up once the battery runs out halfway through a cleaning session. Once the robot is charged up again, it will resume its work right where it left off. This capability makes it a great choice for cleaning large houses.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The Roborock S5’s internal dust cup has a maximum capacity of 0.48 liters (0.4 dry quarts.) If you want to use the mopping function, attach the 0.29 liters (0.07 gallons) water reservoir. The robot will draw water from this reservoir to dampen the mopping pad.

Roborock gives the S5 an E11 filter, whose standard is very close to that of HEPA (99.2% of 0.3 microns rather than the 99.97% efficiency offered by HEPA). If you still prefer HEPA and are willing to spend extra, HEPA replacement filters are available for the S5.


Roborock offers a 1-year limited warranty for the Roborock S5.

4. Shark Navigator ZU62 – Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Carpet

Shark ZU62


  • Great multi-floor performance
  • Effective against pet hair
  • Versatile design (Lift-Away)
  • Maneuverable
  • Large dust cup
  • Robust filtration
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Can be problematic to handle on thick/plush carpeting

Though the Shark Navigator ZU62 doesn’t really score in terms of aesthetics, what it does have going for it is raw performance and reliability. 

This upright has the cleaning power required to purge thick carpeting and rugs of ground-in dirt and stubborn debris. Aside from your ordinary dust, dirt, and debris, the ZU62 can also handle pet hair. The brush roll— integrated with Shark’s patented Zero-M self-cleaning technology— can take out pet hair on thick carpets and rugs without tangling.

For houses that are mix-and-match between hard floors and carpeting, the ZU62 will fit in wonderfully as your go-to vacuum cleaner.

Shark ZU62 Performance


The ZU62’s cleaning performance is excellent on hard floors. The high suction flow allows it to scoop up everything in its cleaning path on bare, even floors with little fuss. It’s markedly better at dealing with small debris such as potato chips crumbs and fine particles such as dust, loose dirt. Larger debris like cereal bits may be a bit problematic for the vacuum to handle.

On carpeting, the ZU62’s suction motor and brush roll work excellently together as a team. The brush roll agitates all of the dust, dirt, and small debris to let the suction sweep them up more easily from between the dense piling. 

But there’s one small problem: many people reported that the vacuum is alarmingly difficult to maneuver on especially thick and plush carpets. The ZU62’s suction is so strong that it would suck the piling tight against the nozzle, forcing the user to put in more muscle work just to get the vacuum to move. Thus, if you have plush or beefy carpeting, watch out for this issue.

Two cleaning modes are available and can be set via the power button (which also doubles as a cleaning mode switcher). The first mode is the hard floors mode. But aside from hard floors, this mode is also great for cleaning low-pile or area carpeting and rugs. The second mode is the carpeting mode made specifically for cleaning carpets.


The vacuum weighs 16 pounds (7.25 kilograms) and uses a 25-foot (7.62-meter) power cord.

Shark certainly didn’t design the ZU62 to be pretty. Instead, the company focuses wholly on making it as practical and utilitarian as possible. 

Most notably, the ZU62 has what’s called a Lift-Away canister. This allows you to detach the canister (which contains the motor and the dust cup) from the rest of the vacuum and use it separately as a canister vacuum. This will help a bunch when you have to vacuum tall places such as the ceiling or bookshelves, where uprights usually can’t reach due to their size and weight.

Maneuverability-enhancing features such as swivel steering and smooth-gliding wheels are all available on the ZU62. The vacuum scored great points among consumers for its easy handling.

All control buttons are built into the handle and right at the user’s fingertips for the most convenient interaction.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The dust cup is one of the highlights of this vacuum. It can hold an impressive 3 liters (2.8 dry quarts) worth of dust, dirt, and debris. This vacuum can easily last through several cleaning sessions before having to be emptied (we still recommend you to empty it after every session, nonetheless.)

Filtration is another plus point for the ZU62. It is equipped with Shark’s patented Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This sealing tech can prevent microscopic dust particles and bacteria from escaping back into the environment through tiny seams on the vacuum’s body. In addition, the vacuum also has a HEPA filter to boot.


The ZU62 is shipped with three accessories. Rather lackluster, but for the price, there’s really nothing to complain about.

Dusting BrushHas a bristle brush to cleanse dust from delicate surfaces like upholstery
Upholstery ToolProvides gentler suction for you to clean up delicate materials such as leather, suede, and upholstery without damaging them
Duster Crevice ToolA hybrid between a crevice tool and a dusting brush to give you both reach and dusting capability


 All Shark vacuums, including this one, come with an extensive 5 years warranty.

5. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal – Best Vacuum for Thick Carpet

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal


  • Affordable for a Dyson
  • Great carpeting performance
  • Compact and versatile
  • Great battery life
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Bad trigger design
  • Relatively small dust cup
  • Non-swappable battery

The Cyclone V10 retains the familiar stick vacuum design without any of the extra bling you’ll see on the V11. Still, it’s a very capable machine, with the new Digital Motor to boost its suction performance to closely match that of the V11 on hard floors and carpets. Even without the DLS sensor to optimize its brush roll, the V10 can hold its ground against dust, dirt, and debris on thick carpeting with its highly capable brush roll.

Dyson V10 Animal Performance


The V10 Animal has excellent multi-floor performance, thanks in part to the Digital Motor hidden underneath the vacuum’s hood. The motor provides all of the suction it needs to clean out dust, ground-in dirt, and stubborn debris on hard floors. With the aid of the primary motorized brush roll, thick carpeting also won’t prove to be too great of a challenge for the V10 to tackle.

There’s one caveat, however. According to many reports from customers, although the V10 does very well against small debris, it struggles a bit when sucking up larger debris. They would momentarily clog up the narrow air path. Fortunately, the suction is strong enough to dislodge and draw them into the dust cup without needing you to intervene after a few seconds.

You have three cleaning modes: a Low Mode (indicated on the clean mode switch as one printed dot) with gentle suction and greatest energy efficiency. The Medium Mode (two dots) that strikes a nice balance between performance and efficiency. Finally, the Max Mode (written straightforwardly as MAX on the switch) will give you the most power.


The V10 Animal remains lightweight at 5.9 pounds (2.6 kilograms). It has a highly adaptable 2-in-1 design with a quick and simple transformative process from stick to handheld mode.

The vacuum is equipped with swivel steering for greater maneuverability and is generally regarded as comfortable to hold with the ergonomic handle

The controversial power trigger that requires you to constantly clamp down onto it is still there. The V10 also doesn’t have a trigger lock (but like the V11, you can get third-party add-on if this is an ability you want to have.)

The cleaning mode switch is built directly onto the vacuum’s body. It is convenient to reach and easy to use.

Battery Life

The V10 Animal’s Li-ion battery can sustain the vacuum’s operation for roughly 60 minutes. It is replaceable once the battery breaks down but it cannot be hot-swapped.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The dust cup holds 0.76 liters (0.69 dry quarts) up to the fill-up line.

The V10 is also the first vacuum (before the V11) to feature an in-line dust cup arrangement and a gun-style (or “point-and-shoot”) dirt ejecting mechanism, which makes cleaning out the cup hygienic and simple.

The V10 is equipped with a lifetime HEPA filter.


Soft Roller Cleaner HeadSoft bristles for bare floors cleaning
Motorized BrushrollFor use on carpets and rugs
Mini Motorized ToolHas a miniaturized motorized brush bar to clean in tight, cramped spaces
Mini Soft Dusting BrushEquipped with soft bristle brush for more efficient dusting
Combination ToolA 2-in-1 tool consisting of a dusting brush and a wide suction nozzle
Crevice ToolProvides the extra reach needed to clean out narrow gaps, nooks and crannies


The vacuum comes with Dyson’s 30-day return policy and a 2-year limited warranty.

6. BISSELL CleanView 2254 – Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet

BISSELL CleanView 2254


  • Affordable
  • Excellent multi-floor performance
  • Maneuverable
  • Power cord retracting mechanism
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Long warranty


  • Small dust cup
  • Non-HEPA filtration

Despite being one of the most affordable vacuums in BISSELL’s portfolio, the CleanView 2254 has excellent performance and has a variety of noteworthy premium features. 

One such feature is the Triple Action brush roll, which— in close coordination with the powerful suction motor— gives it remarkable cleaning efficiency on carpeting. In fact, its performance is high enough that it can thoroughly clean out shaggy carpets with relative ease.


The vacuum can produce remarkable suction from the multi-cyclonic suction system packaged inside. With the help of the Triple Action brush roll, its performance is praiseworthy, especially for such an affordable vacuum. 

The brush roll also offers edge-to-edge cleaning, which isn’t just great for hard floors but also for houses with wall-to-wall carpeting. The vacuum is designed to be scatter-free, which proves useful when you have to clean up large messes such as cereal or kibble spills.

Five cleaning head height settings are available for you to optimize performance on carpeting. The height of the cleaning head is crucial to a vacuum’s carpet performance. It shouldn’t be so high that the brush or the vacuum’s suction cannot penetrate the piling. But it shouldn’t be too low that the suction flow is impeded, either. By giving you manual control over the cleaning head’s height, BISSELL basically gives you the ability to fine-tune the vacuum’s performance to best fit your carpeting’s design: a definite plus.

The CleanView 2254 has a unique appetite for pet hair more than anything else, though. If you are a pet owner, you will love the way this vacuum sucks out all of the wisps of hair stuck in your carpets (shaggy ones included.)


The vacuum measures 14.5 pounds (6.5 kilograms). Though it’s certainly not among the lightest vacuums out there, the majority of the weight is at the bottom of the vacuum. This, and the fact that the handle is quite comfortable to hold, makes the CleanView 2254 easy to wield for most people.

BISSELL CleanView 2254 Design

The motor takes power through a 27-foot power cord (8.2-meter). The cord has a retracting mechanism for simpler storage.

The vacuum has swivel steering, which gives it great maneuverability. You can steer it between furniture or in cramped spaces without much fuss. There are gliding wheels at the button to facilitate smoother movement and support the full weight of the vacuum, as well.

Dust Cup & Filtration

The CleanView 2254’s dust cup can hold 1 liter (0.91 dry quarts). Rather disappointing for an upright.

The vacuum is also not equipped with a HEPA filter. Instead, it uses a “multi-level filtration” system to take out all of the invisible threats in the air. The filters are washable and reusable; however, they must be replaced on a monthly basis.


The vacuum is shipped with a fairly wide range of accessories.

Pet TurboEraser ToolHas an air-driven rotating brush to help clean pet hair from underneath furniture and in tight corners
Pet Hair Corner ToolDesigned to take out pet hair from within the corners of the house
Combination ToolA 2-in-1 tool consisting of a dusting brush and an upholstery tool
11-inch Extension WandProvides extra reach
Dusting BrushHas a bristle brush to cleanse dust from delicate surfaces like upholstery
Upholstery ToolProvides gentler suction for delicate materials such as leather, suede, and upholstery


BISSELL has a 4-year limited warranty for the CleanView 2254.

How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpet?

It depends on how high the traffic on your carpets is.

For example, the welcoming rug at the front door will definitely need a scrub daily since everyone entering the house will have to step over it. 

If you have area carpeting, clean up the high-traffic lanes of your carpeting daily and the whole surrounding area twice a week. Typically, high-traffic areas are the living room, entertainment room, and possibly the kitchen. 

In less traversed areas such as the carpeted floor of your bedroom, two careful sweeps across the more frequented paths will do the job. Remember to clean out the whole area once every week.

For houses that also have carpeting in rarely-used areas like a walk-in closet or pantry, you should still give it a sweep twice a week regardless. Prolonging the work and letting the dust and dirt build and mat up the piling will only mean more work for you down the line.

This should only be used as a rough template of your cleaning schedule, however. When your carpeting and rugs become too dirty, don’t hesitate to whip out your vacuum and clean them up!

Does Vacuuming Ruin a Carpet?

Vacuum cleaners will only cause damage to your carpeting when they’re not used properly.

Most vacuums nowadays give you the option to choose between many different cleaning modes. On hard floor cleaning mode, for example, the vacuum will reduce suction and turn off the brush roll to prevent it from damaging your delicate floor.

That is not ideal for cleaning carpets. In fact, a vacuum with too low suction or brush strength can easily damage the carpet fibers by tangling them up and tugging on them. You want your vacuum to brush and comb, not tug.

Make sure that your vacuum is set to the carpet cleaning modes (you will usually have one mode for low-pile and another for high-pile carpeting.) When set, the suction and brush strength will be automatically adjusted for optimum performance.

Avoid overusing your vacuum, as well. Vacuuming too frequently will wear down your carpeting and rugs, making them more prone to damage. This is why it is very important to schedule your vacuum sessions carefully and where our previously mentioned schedule will be of use to you.

What Happens When You Don’t Vacuum Your Carpet?

A lot of nasty things can happen if you don’t vacuum your carpet enough.

Without adequate cleaning for a long period of time, your carpet will visibly deteriorate. Aside from staining, the color can fade and become less bright. The carpet fibers will seem dirty and knotted together. It will also feel less fuzzy and warm underneath your feet (which is why many people reported their carpet feeling softer and nicer after a thorough vacuuming session.) 

A dirty carpet is one of the quickest ways to make your home feel less clean and welcoming.

It also becomes the perfect breeding ground for a variety of disgusting things. Bacteria, fungus as well as dust mites and bed bugs which thrive in unclean environments. Aside from making you sick, they can release some unpleasant moldy odors.

Lastly, your carpets will need to be replaced far sooner. Lack of maintenance does a lot of damage to the quality of carpeting and will cost you quite a lot to get it fixed or replaced. Avoid the cost altogether and just spend some time weekly cleaning out your carpeting. It will be a good investment of your time, and with the right vacuum, it doesn’t have to be as tedious as it used to be.


We hope you have found this comprehensive buying guide and reviews of the best vacuums for carpets in 2021 to be useful. Carpeting is an excellent decór for the home and a blessing for houses in more frigid regions. Take care of it well with one of these vacuums, and your carpeting will take care of you and your home for years to come!

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