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Health and Safety Disclaimer

All content on this website is generated in good faith, and for informational purposes only. 

As part of the website’s content, we present recipes, cooking tips, kitchen maintenance tips, buying guides, product reviews, and instructions concerning various kitchen and household equipment and appliances. 

While we aspire to bring our readers the most accurate and useful information, please note that the content only reflects the knowledge, understanding, and personal opinions of the writer and the editors, and is created for general information purpose only. 

Our content does not replace, and should not be construed as consultation from a licensed professional. 

The readers are urged to check the local regulations and consult qualified professionals before making a decision to purchase and/or install and/or use an appliance. 

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Before Buying a Product

You are encouraged to contact the manufacturer for any questions regarding the assembly, installation, usage, maintenance, or disposal of a product. 

For products that can potentially affect your health or safety, or ones whose installation, usage, or disposal requires professional help, we urge you to get consultation and service from a licensed professional. 

Advertising and Affiliate Disclosure

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. 

Other than the affiliate links from e-commerce websites chosen independently by our writers and editors, we do not accept guest posts, promotional posts, or sponsored external links in our editorial content.

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External Links

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