Ho2me R02 High Pressure Showerhead Review

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Once known as the YOO.MEE shower head, the HO2ME R02 is famous for its great performance and reliability. If you’re looking for a utilitarian high-pressure showerhead, this is one of the best products to consider. In this HO2ME R02 high pressure showerhead review, we’ll be introducing you to the most important details you should know before making the final purchase decision.

HO2ME R02 High Pressure Showerhead Review: Performance

High Pressure Handheld Shower Head


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Great performance
  • Easy installation
  • Simple maintenance


  • Plastic
  • 1-year warranty only
  • Relatively basic design

As an adjustable spray setting shower head, the R02 offers three spray settings. The Powerful setting for optimal water pressure boosting, massage for increased comfort, and a combination of both (Powerful + Massage.)

For those with a sub-optimal water system, the Powerful setting is highly recommended. It has been reported by customers that even while working with extremely weak pipe pressure, the HO2ME R02 still manages to give a substantial pressure boost to the water stream.

Although the range of spray settings isn’t as wide as other rival showerheads, most people would find these three modes sufficient for daily showerings. Especially if you’re chiefly looking for a showerhead that can provide you with great pressure.


While the design is basic at best, it provides exceptional showering experience and value for money, making it a popular purchase on selling charts.

Expectedly, the R02 is made from ABS plastic, so naturally, there are concerns regarding its durability and longevity. Customers have also reported that it feels rather flimsy in hand. However, many have also reported that their showerheads went for several years without breaking, so don’t worry too much about its sturdiness. As long as proper maintenance is done every once in a while, the showerhead should prove its value in time.

The one default option that you got is chrome-plating. There are no additional finishing options to glam up this showerhead. 


The showerhead is shipped with its shower bracket, hose, and other accessories like a teflon tape and gaskets. 

The company has also been lauded for the long hose that it packages the showerhead with. Cast out of stainless steel and fitted with a brass connection, it can stand up to high pressure and temperature for years. The length of the hose is also ideal.

Just in case you want to use your old shower bracket, it is fitted with a standard thread that should be compatible with common shower brackets’ connection type. However, we still recommend you to use the company’s bracket in the box.


Installation doesn’t require special tools or technical knowledge, nor would it take long. All of the steps to set everything up is included in the user’s manual. It will only take from five to ten minutes at most before you can start enjoying your shower.


The company only offers a 1-year warranty for the whole unit, unfortunately. You will find a service card in the box that will tell you all of the details you need to know about the company’s warranty policies.

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