Best Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2021: Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A conventional vacuum needs to be equipped with a unique pet hair tool to pick them up. Because pet hair is small, light, and fibrous— meaning it can tangle, knot, and form into clumps or balls— it can easily lodge itself deep inside a vacuum, clog up the suction and damage the machine from inside without proper maintenance.

Best Vacuums for Carpets in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

If your house has a lot of carpeting to go through, having the best vacuums for carpets will help immensely in your daily cleaning chore. In this article today, we’ll tell you all about how to pick a vacuum that can do exactly that with our buying guide. In our reviews, we have a couple best rated vacuums for carpets lined up for your consideration.

The Best Vacuums for Stairs to Buy in 2021: Buying Guide & Reviews

Ideally, the unit should be lightweight and compact enough to be carried up and down the stairs without much issue. Flexible maneuverity is also important to reach and draw out dirt and debris from tight, awkward spots. Staircases have plenty of these areas, like at the base of the riser where dirty gunk tends to collect.

Best Wood Stove in 2021 - Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Thanks to technological advances, modern wood-burning stoves are highly-efficient appliances that produce very little smoke and pollutants. They are a far cry from the previous generation of wood stoves that were not much more than metal boxes to hold a fire.