Honeywell Tower Fan Review: The HY-254 QuietSet Oscillating Fan

The age of the circular fan may be coming to an end. Other styles are truly coming into their own and perhaps no other is taking off quite like the tower fan. This HY-254 QuietSet tower fan is a convenient and space-saving design. It can help your whole room feel far more comfortable.

It’s worth noting that the HY-254 designation is used for the white-colored version of the fan. An identical design clad in black is also available, but is known as the HY-280.

Honeywell Tower Fan Review: Notable Features 

Honeywell’s QuietSet fan does everything you’d expect of a portable fan. They try to set it apart by adding a few extra features. The overall dimensions are 10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8 inches (27.4 x 20.8 x 83.3 cm). It weighs just over 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

Honeywell HY-254 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


  • Oscillating motion
  • Quiet
  • Five speeds
  • Auto shutoff timer
  • Remote control included


  • Expensive 
  • Top-heavy

Quiet Oscillating Fan

As the name implies, the QuietSet fan does not put out much noise the way so many others do. Nevertheless, it was designed to move air effectively throughout relatively large rooms. It may not manage to do so if your room is particularly huge, but for most it is adequate. 

With ordinary daytime background noise you’ll barely notice the fan’s sound at all. If used at night, it can be a comforting white noise. The lowest setting can be a great way to lull yourself to sleep.

Naturally, the oscillation feature can be turned on or off. Since this fan uses such a small footprint, you have very little to worry about in terms of available space. It won’t bump into chairs or lampstands as it oscillates.


All settings can be controlled either from the top of the tower or using the included remote. The QuietSet has five speed settings, all of which are intended to be quieter than most fans. 

Also included is an auto-shutoff timer that can be set for one, two, four, or eight hours. If all you need is an hour of white noise to fall asleep, this can save you a little electricity.

A digital display at the top of the tower makes clear what setting you’re using. It also displays the current room temperature. For better or worse, the screen is relatively bright. That’s great during the day, but may be distracting at night.

Fan Housing

The plastic housing for all the working parts is attractive. There are some things we like about it and others we don’t, though.

A handle is built into the top of the tower, making it easy to move around. Additionally, there’s storage space for the remote. That’s great if you’re the type who loses remote controls easily. 

Unfortunately, the whole thing is a bit top-heavy.  It’s best to place the fan away from high-traffic areas of your room. To make matters worse, the base’s attachment point is not overly strong. Knocking it over can potentially crack the plastic.

This product is covered under a one-year limited warranty.

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