Lasko FH500 Space Heater Combo Tower Fan Review

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While examining space heaters we had started to wonder, why can’t these tower units also operate without heat? It makes perfect sense to use their internal fans as, well, fans when you need to cool down. Well, it turns out Lasko was way ahead of us. This FH500 model heater/fan heats you up when you’re cold and cools you down when you’re hot.

Lasko FH500 Review: Notable Features

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower


  • Oscillating motion
  • Hot or cold operation
  • Heat + blower option
  • Programmable temperature
  • Auto shutoff timer
  • Tip-over shutoff sensor
  • Remote control included


  • Not sufficient for very large rooms
  • LED indicators appear bright at night

This hybrid tower unit tries to give you the best of both worlds. In theory, you’ll only need one appliance for both winter and summer to help keep your home comfortable. 


The FH500 can be controlled using buttons on top of the tower or using the included remote. Since it features both heating and cooling modes, there are a few more options than most.

The heater runs at three different settings— up to a power rating of 1500 watts when on “high”. The fan without heat can operate at four different speeds. Or the heater can run in conjunction with the fan’s super-low mode to help better distribute heat. Additionally, it has an 8-hour auto-shutoff timer.

An adjustable thermostat integrated into the top of the tower will attempt to keep your room at the desired temperature. It displays the setting in large digital numbers that are easily visible from across the room.

Oscillating Tower

Many space heaters blow their hot air only in one direction. This oscillating tower design helps spread the heat more evenly. 

At 42 inches (107 cm) tall, it has the reach to send comfortable air over your bed as you sleep. But the Lasko won’t take up all your floor space— its base is only 13 inches (33 cm) in diameter.

The whole unit weighs 12.5 pounds (5.7 kg). The top of the tower features a carrying handle as well as a slot to store the remote.

Safety Features

The Lasko FH500 is ETL-listed for its safety features. That means it has been evaluated by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) and conforms to their safety recommendations.

Since they get hot by design, space heaters must have some built-in safety features. Lasko has included a tip-over sensor that shuts off the power if tripped. Further, the heating element is ceramic-shielded, so the fan’s outer surface should remain safe to touch (it does get pretty darn warm, though). There’s also an overheat sensor that will similarly shut it down.

Anyone who has ever overheated their clothes dryer knows how important a clean filter can be. Lasko has included a built-in dust filter at the back of the tower which must be cleaned periodically. The filter is easy to access by simply popping open its access cage.

No safety system is 100% foolproof, though. Don’t run the heater in a tightly confined space or near combustible materials.

This product is covered under a three-year limited warranty.

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