MOOSOO XL-618A Cordless Vacuum Review

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MOOSOO XL-618A Cordless Vacuum Review 2020

Compared to household names like Hoover, Shark, or Dyson, this company is a very new face in the industry. But despite not having decades of experience or reputation, MOOSOO’s entry-level vacuum— the XL-618A— is a big hit among consumers.

In this MOOSOO XL-618A cordless vacuum review, you will get a deeper view into this vacuum, from its outer design to its inner performance. As a cordless stick vacuum, the XL-618A is relatively lightweight, mobile, and flexible. The battery can sustain the ample performance power of the 120-watt suction motor for an acceptable period. Coupled with a HEPA filtering system, the XL-618A is a great contender in the entry-level price segment.

MOOSOO XL-618A Vacuum Review

MOOSOO XL-618A Vacuum


  • Affordable
  • Adequate performance
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Maneuverable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Robust filtering system
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Not recommended for carpets
  • Lacks accessories


The vacuum has its 120-watt suction motor to thank for its performance. It provides a suction flow strong enough to sweep bare floors (tile, vinyl, and hardwood, among others) spotless. The XL-618A can deal with dust, caked-on mud, and debris big and small. Notably, pet owners have reported the vacuum also handles pet hair particularly well on bare floors.

Unfortunately, while its performance shines on bare floors, the vacuum doesn’t do well on carpets and rugs. Its motorized brush roll can help it clean up most accumulated dirt on low-pile carpets. However, when it comes to high-pile carpets and shaggy rugs, the XL-618A’s brush and suction aren’t powerful enough. Even when suction mode is switched to Max, the best it can muster is picking up all of the gunk at the surface of the carpet.

MOOSOO XL-618A Performance

Speaking of suction modes, XL-618A has two available:

  • Normal Mode: Adequate suction for most cleaning jobs, best battery efficiency.
  • Max Mode: Provides greater suction, but consumes battery power quickly.


MOOSOO XL-618A is no doubt a lightweight design at 3.3 pounds. Everyone, even children, can use the vacuum without having significant issues. You can even pick up and maneuver the vacuum with just one hand.

And, just like any other modern stick vacuum, the XL-618A can be converted into a handheld by removing the aluminium suction wand. Once converted, the weight is cut in half to approximately 1-1.5 pounds.

The heaviest part of the vacuum is the motor, which sits directly in front of the XL-618A’s ergonomic handle. To redistribute the weight, the battery pack sits directly underneath the handle to act as a counterweight. With the weight stabilized and a comfortable hand grip to hold onto, the vacuum can be used for the full duration of its battery life without significant fatigue.

It also helps that the XL-618A is a very maneuverable machine. The wheels at the bottom are smooth-rolling and don’t have a propensity to damage delicate surfaces like hardwood. In a bid to improve the vacuum’s handling, the floor head is equipped with a swivel steering mechanism. It  makes maneuvering around obstacles and furniture considerably easier and more accurate. You can also recline the floor head downward steeply to clean low furniture.

There’s more to the XL-618A’s floor head than just basic maneuvering parts. It’s also integrated with sensors to forewarn you of clogs as well as shut down the vacuum to protect the motor from burning out. We also like the fact that the floor head is easy to disassemble, making clog-clearing simple.

Last, but not least, the XL-618A’s floor head is integrated with LED headlights. It can make vacuuming in low-light spaces or underneath furniture significantly easier.

Battery Life

The XL-618A uses Lithium-ion cells for power and can provide roughly 45 minutes of vacuuming time per full charge. Depending on the kind of work you usually do and the size of your house, this may be enough, or insufficient. You can clean out a small to medium-sized apartment or home, but for especially large spaces, this vacuum probably won’t do.

Charging takes a while, needing up to 5.5 hours to top up from 0%.

MOOSOO XL-618A Battery Life

Dust Cup

For a stick vacuum, the XL-618A’s dust cup is very spacious at 1 dry quart. You can clean up a fairly large apartment or home without the cup filling up mid-session.

The cylindrical dust cup is mounted directly underneath the motor, which is how the XL-618A achieves its compact size. In order to empty out the vacuum, hover the dust cup over a trash can. There’s a release tab at the bottom that, once pressed, will open up the cup’s bottom.

Unfortunately, because the cup isn’t detachable, there could be a lot of dust kicked up when the dirty contents are deposited. Thus, exercise caution if you have allergies or respiratory conditions.

Filtration System

The filtering system is one of the major selling points of the XL-618A. Despite being an affordable vacuum, it has a robust triple-tier filtering system.

The first tier consists of a standard cyclonic filter. A cyclonic array separates all of the dust particles from the air stream and dumps them into the dust cup. 

In the second tier, a honeycomb filter can take out debris and particles still lingering in the air flow. 

Lastly, the air flow must go through the final tier— a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter— before being vented. This filter will take out all of the microscopic particles like fine dust, airborne bacteria, and viruses. Notably, it is the highest grade of filter that’s commercially available and usually only makes an appearance in mid- to premium-priced vacuums.


Not including the primary floor head, the XL-681A only comes with one tool: a 2-in-1 dusting brush. It’s a hybrid between a crevice tool and a dusting brush. The crevice tool is useful for vacuuming narrow spaces, while the dusting brush can give you an easier time at dust-busting.

The lack of accessories is disappointing, but considering the price of the vacuum, it’s understandable.


The XL-618A has a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. The latter can assuage most people’s anxiety of buying from a new brand.


With its decent balance between value and price, the MOOSOO XL-618A isn’t a bad choice for a budget vacuum. Because MOOSOO is still a new company, its short history and reputation may give you pause. But we hope the positive feedback from consumers and MOOSOO’s comprehensive warranty policy can allay some of your concerns.

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