Shark WANDVAC WV201 Review

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Shark WANDVAC WV201 Review 2021

Though Shark is known for their line-up of industrial and utilitarian-looking vacuums, the company’s portfolio also consists of some models with excellent aesthetics.

In this Shark WANDVAC WV201 review, we’ll be introducing one such vacuum for your consideration: the titular Shark WANDVAC WV201.

For the price it is retailed for, the vacuum has a highly premium design with sleek lines and a cool slate grey paint scheme. While most of Shark’s vacuums like the Shark NV501 you would have to hide in a closet, this one can be a nice decor piece in the living room.

But it doesn’t just have a nice look. The vacuum’s performance is quite decent, too, and is going to be a nice cleaner for small messes and pet hair. Its compact form will also make it useful for difficult places where your full-size vacuum cannot fit into or conveniently clean like crevices, stairs, shelves, or ceiling.

Shark WV201


  • Relatively affordable
  • Lightweight, ergonomic
  • Has a premium aesthetic
  • Decent performance on many surface types
  • Hygienic dust cup
  • Cheap-to-replace filters
  • Adequate selection of accessories


  • Small dust cup
  • Short battery life
  • Non-HEPA filtering

Shark WANDVAC WV201 Review


The Shark WANDVAC WV201’s performance is good on bare floor types like hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and tiles. The vacuum has been shown to be able to suck up most dust particles and loose, small pieces of debris. But against larger debris such as cereal flakes, the vacuum has a tendency to clog up.

Its cleaning efficiency on low-pile carpets, surprisingly, is better than bare floors. The WV201’s suction can pierce the thin piling to take out dust, both small and large debris, as well as pet hair.

This capability also translates well to cleaning carpeted stairs.

The vacuum’s performance on high-pile carpets is only acceptable. It’s going to take a couple of passes to fully clean out a dense carpet, but the vacuum would eventually gobble everything up. Pet hair cleaning efficiency remains unchanged on high-pile carpets: the vacuum would still be able to pick up hair strands woven in dense carpet types.


The Shark WANDVAC WV201 weighs 1.4 pounds. This is perfect for a handheld that’s meant to be easy to use and portable.

Its carrying handle may look a little bit counterintuitive at first. In practice, though, most people report a comfortable experience with little to no fatigue as the handle conforms to the shape of the hand well. It also does a great job at offsetting the weight of the front portion of the vacuum and spares the user’s wrist from undue stress.

In terms of design, like previously mentioned, the vacuum was certainly designed to be a looker. It has a very slim profile with a luxurious-looking dark outer paint. Place the vacuum along with its charger somewhere visible in the house like on a bookshelf or small cupboard and the WV201 can become a decent decor piece.

Shark WV201 Performance

But beside aesthetic, the vacuum’s overall design is also very distinctive from other handhelds by that it is rod-shaped. 

Thanks to this new design, the width of the vacuum is reduced (2.5 inches,) so the vacuum can be maneuvered into corners and crevices around the house with ease. Furthermore, the rod shape means the vacuum is elongated length-wise (measuring 16.5 inches from tip to handle,) effectively improving reach.

Dust Cup

Shark WANDVAC WV201 has a very small dust cup with a capacity in and around 0.08 dry quarts. Although this is to be expected for a vacuum this compact, it’s still a huge hassle. There’s not enough space to store a lot of debris and the vacuum fills up very quickly, so expect to have to empty the vacuum often.

Emptying the vacuum is very easy and clean. The cup is mounted at the front of the vacuum, near the nozzle. You’ll already be off to a good start having a fair distance away from the cup itself, which minimizes exposure greatly. By pressing the release button, the cup swivels open, dropping its contents.

Shark WV201 Design

Overall, we rate this vacuum to be relatively friendly to those with allergies and respiratory conditions. You will still have to be quite careful around it to not accidentally breathe in any kick-up dust and particles. Regardless, the Shark WV201 is still cleaner than a lot of handhelds out there.

Battery Life

Its compact size doesn’t offer a lot of real estate for a large battery pack, either. Because of this, the vacuum offers a meager 8 to 10 minutes of battery life. The recharging time for the vacuum is around 2.5 hours.

Most people found that they only have just enough time to handle a few small messes and clean up a single room. You’re going to have to wisely conserve battery power if you hope to maximize this vacuum’s potential.


The vacuum doesn’t come with a HEPA-grade filtering system. Instead, it has a conventional dual-layer filtering system, which consists of a coarse filter to eliminate large debris and a fabric filter to deal with smaller particles.

Filters are not washable and water, according to some users, immediately ruin the filtering materials. They can be maintained with a dry toothbrush, however. When the filters become too dirty, take the brush and gently scrub out all of the stuck-on materials until it’s reasonably clean. Do this until all of the filters are completely spent.

Each filter generally lasts around 6 months. Once the time’s up, you need to buy filter replacement kits. Fortunately, these kits are quite affordable.


The vacuum comes with 2 tools. Though the selection is limited, these 2 tools will be able to accomplish the majority of tasks that this handheld is expected to handle, such as tight space cleaning and pet hair.

Duster Crevice ToolA crevice tool optimized for dust-busting in cramped spaces and crevices. Also ideal for car vacuuming.
Multi-Surface Pet ToolAllows the vacuum to efficiently pick up pet hair on a variety of surfaces, from floors and carpeting to upholstery.


The Shark WANDVAC WV201, while it’s not without faults, evidently has many pros to it. Enough that a lot of people have been willing to look past its cons and come to enjoy it as a handy vacuum cleaner. We believe that— given the chance— the Shark WV201 can be a good fit for your home if you’re looking for a decent handheld to populate it.

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