WASSA 3-inch High Pressure Showerhead Review

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If you’re currently struggling with bad water pressure in your home, the remarkable high-pressure performance of this showerhead will be very enticing. It’s also got a beautiful design, is simple to install, and affordable to boot. In this WASSA 3-inch High Pressure Showerhead review, we have prepared all of the information you should know to make a purchase decision.

WASSA 3-inch High Pressure Showerhead Review: Performance

WASSA 3-inch High Pressure Showerhead


  • Modern, sleek design
  • Excellent high-pressure performance
  • Effortless installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Three finshing options


  • Plastic construction
  • Only one default spray setting

The greatest selling point of the WASSA 3-inch is that its design philosophy revolves solely around bringing as much water pressure as possible to the user.

One of the reasons it can do this is the small diameter sprayer face that is only 3-inch across, but has 45 little nozzles on it. Showering with it, you would feel like the showerhead has significantly improved the pressure. 

In actuality, neither the water pressure nor flow rate is changed. The small showerhead diameter helps condensing the water flow and quicken its flow speed, providing you with a more energetic shower. 

So although you will have an overall better shower experience, the diameter makes coverage relatively limited. It won’t be able to cover your entire body, but for many customers, the stronger shower is a fine trade-off.

Spray Settings

Departing from the traditional adjustable spray setting formula, the WASSA 3-inch only has one default spray setting that you can use. 

Regardless, the one setting it has is relatively well-balanced in terms of pressure performance and comfortability. You will still be able to notice the improvement in water pressure, but it won’t be so harsh that the spray would turn uncomfortable. 


The showerhead is made from ABS plastic. The material choice is how the manufacturer can price it so affordably. Durability might not be so great when compared to all-metal showerheads but so far, we haven’t seen a lot of complaints regarding the showerhead’s quality. 

You will also have three finishing options to pick freely from. The default chrome-plating version is the cheapest. The other two, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel, may look more luxurious and eye-catching, but they also cost about 10 dollars more.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation doesn’t require any special tools other than a teflon tape, which is included in the package.  The showerhead can be mounted quickly to a standard household shower arm with a G1/2” thread. All of the instructions are in the user’s manual, and you don’t need to know any specialized technical knowledge to set it up.

In terms of maintenance, the WASSA has silicone nozzles for easier cleaning of mineral deposits that might form inside of the showerhead after some time. 


The WASSA 3-inch showerhead is covered with a lifetime warranty policy. The manufacturer promises to promptly replace any parts you find faulty on the product.

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